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This magenta beanie fits all heads and can be used for multiple cases : for hair loss problems, for example, or for the practice of sporting activities.


When used in the case of hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments or problems with cicatricial alopecia or areata (alopecia areata), it can be worn all day without damaging your femininity : on the contrary, it will match your clothing style. This beanie can be combined perfectly with a headband or a scarf, depending on your lifestyle, whether simple or more extravagant!


Worn during the day, the hat helps keep the heat of the scalp.

For more comfort, it is also advisable to wear the cap during your chemo treatments.


Our bamboo caps provide good hair support and great comfort during sports activities. This is due to the fact that the fabric is light and absorbent, so you won't be bothered by your head and neck sweating.



This bamboo beanie is soft and light, with no visible seams and very thin. It allows air and freshness to pass through. It has a peculiarity compared to what currently exists on the market : an addition of 1.5 cm of fabric (it is longer on the back of the neck) which helps to retain heat better if needed and to hide the bald part of the hair at the back of the neck.


It is made of 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex or elastane. It's 100% Quebecois!


Washing tips

It is best to hand wash the hat in lukewarm water without bleach so that the fabric stays beautiful longer. A machine wash at a delicate cycle, in a washing net, is also a possible avenue.


Do not put the hat in the dryer : just hang it up to dry, so as not to mark the fabric.

Magenta force beannie

  • No exchange on the cups because of hair loss (hygiene)

    Unique size

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