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manon beauregard specialiste


At the young age of 25, Manon was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was then the mother of two young boys, one of them being a newborn, when that news turned her daily life upside down. Yet, she decided to adopt a positive attitude and face her disease with all her courage. With her fighting spirit, she rolled up her sleeves and did not sit idly by...

Following an operation consisting in the removal of her ovaries and uterus, she had undergone chemotherapy treatments and temporarily lost most of her hair.

Helping Women with Cancer

In the wake of this battle, of which she emerged victorious, Manon lived a new beginning that reoriented her whole life: she decided to help people with cancer by following training in trichology, the science specialized in the study of hair.

After acquiring this expertise, she owned the Centre Capilia in Granby for five years, then one in Sainte-Julie for more than eight years. Manon has 31 years of experience in hairdressing, as well as 10 years in trichology.

Boutique IÃSO beat cancer

Your Femininity at Heart

Manon wants to support you during that hectic time of your life. Through her tips, and the caps and headscarves carefully picked in the online shop, she hopes to relieve a bit of the weight of your reality and to give you some peace of mind. Manon went through this arduous road on which you are currently walking, and she wishes to send you a message of hope and courage.

“You drive briskly on the highway when suddenly, following the diagnosis, you find yourself on a bumpy dirt road, where you are forced to reduce your speed. All you think about is going back on the highway, so that life can resume its normal course, but you have to travel the dirt road to the end...”
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