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Vente de bonnets de chimio Boutique IÃSO

Chimio beanies

made of merino, natural fibers

and ecological, designed and conceived in Quebec

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Do yourself good

and find out what IÃSO has to offer


Very comfortable chemo beanies, headbands and scarves, a range of hair care products, advice capsules and much more!

Hair loss is a delicate situation where caring and softness are always welcome.
IÃSO’s chemo beanies for women are stretchable, light, cozy and comfortable. And their natural bamboo fibre lets your scalp breathe.
The beanies can be embellished with a headband or a headscarf, which enhances your femininity and matches perfectly your style and your colours.


Boutique IÃSO chemo beanies


Trendy two-tone diamond bandana


2-ply merino chili chemo hat - Boutique IÃSO


Accessories chimio


Boutique IÃSO Well-being care kit


Shower gel

Blog posts



Met during chemotherapy, Manon Beauregard gave me excellent advice and knew how to be comforting and empathetic. She is very attentive to our needs. Thank you!

Sophie truesdell menard testimony bouti


I managed to keep a good volume of hair during the chemotherapy thanks to the use of the cooling helmet in chemotherapy. After the end of the treatments, Manon helped me to assess the volume lost and greatly reassured me about the vigor of the regrowth. Her care and treatment, but also her listening and her compassion, were precious to me during this period of my life. Manon nurtures hope, one hair at a time.

Lucie Riendeau Testimonial - Boutique IÃSO


When we are going through difficult times, like chemotherapy and hair loss, there are angels who take care of us. Manon, you are! Well done and I swear that I will give to the next one!

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